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2022 - 2024: Interviewed, waiting... Then I started my Ph.D. in June 2023. I am not sure what challenges will await me in the future, but it's all about "Always Exploring, Never Giving Up"! ;D

2021 - 2022: Luckily, I became a Master's student in Artificial Intelligence. I found a lot of fun and excitement in my later studies in Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, I received tremendous help with my Master's Thesis from my two super nice supervisors. It was a stressful but fulfilling year.

2020 - 2021: Thanks to the education system in Belgium, I had the opportunity to learn many fundamental courses in Computer Science designed for Master's students. Honestly, these courses were tough and demanding even for individuals with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and they posed an even greater challenge for me. However, I did all of these courses in Course Contract because I was still working on my Master's Thesis in Materials Science simultaneously due to COVID-19 situation. And, this led to the issue of needing to switch to a Degree Contract in order to obtain a Master's Degree in Computer Science. By chance, I came across an ESAT brochure given to me as a gift by my friend from ESAT, which reminded me that I could pursue a Master's Thesis in ESAT as a student in Artificial Intelligence...

2020 - 2020: Due to COVID-19 situation, I was stuck in China, and cannot do any experiments for my master's thesis. Meanwhile, this provided me with the opportunity to contemplate whether to continue my studies in Materials Science or to abandon my six-year study in that field and embark on a new path in Computer Science. Finally, I made a decision. And I am more and more convinced that this is a good decision that I changed my subject to Computer Science.

2018 - 2020: I was then pursuing a Master's Degree in Material Science at KU Leuven. I would have likely started my Ph.D. career if it weren't for the arrival of COVID-19,. Unfortunately, it came.

2014 - 2018: I studied Materials Science at USTB, China (#10 Materials Science in China from QS 2023). However, my enthusiasm for Computer Science, which originated in my childhood, never waned. As a Materials Science student, I actively participated in various related experiences, such as ACM, Lanqiao Cup, Sensor Competition by USTB, MCM/ICM. I am truly grateful for this enthusiasm as it greatly aided me in my subsequent studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

--- Before 2014
1997 - 2014: Growing up with deep interest in Computer Science.
1997: I was born.
Before 1997: I was not in this world.
Xinhai (Sean) Zou 粤ICP备20040781号.
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